UPDATE 20/07/20

Sadly, we have had to take the difficult decision to close the Wellbeing Centre for the foreseeable future.

Having undertaken a risk assessment (as required by both the Government and our insurers) we have come to the realisation that re-opening would be challenging in the near future.

The very thing that makes this the perfect place for counselling (it's feeling of intimacy and safety)  is what is difficult to overcome. It's just not practical to wear masks or have screens whilst encouraging people to be open and honest and share their most vulnerable feelings. 

Jane & Angela are both local and continue to offer counselling and emotional support via telephone and video sessions. This type of counselling was relatively new to us at the start but, having completed further training in virtual counselling, you realise that it's just another way to help and is just as effective. I know it's not most people's first choice, but it really does offer all the same benefits as face-to-face and can offer much more flexibility. And if you're one of the many people suffering with anxiety, then controlling your environment such as calling from home, can be really helpful.

So if you would like to explore whether virtual counselling could help you improve your life contact us using the details below:

T: 01206 237302 or M: 07855 053518

ONE LIFE Counselling and Coaching

Jane offers both counselling and coaching via phone or video. Counselling generally looks at what brought you to this point in your life and helps you explore difficult areas to find new perspectives and understanding. It can be short or long term. Sometimes all you need is an opportunity to offload and sometimes more complex issues need longer to explore.

Coaching can be used to explore new possibilities, looking forward. Working together to see what the future may have to offer. This is particularly helpful when you feel stuck in life or when things change and you need to find the 'new you'.

For more details take a look at the website: 
Online booking is available with instant confirmation of appointments

 Counselling with Angela Carter

Angela is a BACP accredited counsellor offering one to one sessions and clinical supervision. She is predominantly a person-centred therapist but incorporates other techniques where appropriate. She offers both short and long term approaches, enabling her to work with a wide range of issues.
She has experience in both private practice and working within the NHS IAPT service and most recently worked with MIND as Counselling Services Manager.

You can contact Angela for an appointment by calling 07793 406062 or emailing